Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hysterical Virginia

or do I mean Historical? We picked up a load in Alabama on Thursday, the day before New Year's Eve. It is to be delivered to Manassas, VA on January 6. In case you need help with the math, that is an entire week to drive a load 600 some miles. It took us till sometime midafternoon on the 31st (24 hours basically) to drive it to within an hour of the customer and we have spent the last 50 some hours trying to find out if we can deliver it early. Here are a couple humorous Alabama shots:

Seriously? Bumpass?

Are we in Mayberry?
Or maybe that's Larry, Darrell, and his other brother Darrell.

Thank heavens for brother-in-law, Jimbo, in Stafford, Virginia. He sent nephew Tyler to pick us up from the rest area on New Year's Eve so that Mr. Trucker could participate in their annual New Year's Eve poker tourney and celebration.

Here we all are celebrating...

Even April the dog gets to ring in the New Year.
A good time was had by all, but unfortunately Mr. Trucker finished out of the money both games. We slept late on New Year's day, and then, since the dispatchers had no word on much of anything concerning our load, and since Jimbo had left a vehicle at our disposal, we decided to take a little jaunt into Historic Downtown Fredricksburg.

We've noticed these cool granite curbs in a lot of older eastern cities.


Mr. Trucker and friend, and yes, this is a cigar shop!

Wow! At that price, we should stock up!

Very pleasing color palette

I'm in love with this sweater! It's even my
favorite color!

Liars! It says "Open Every Day" but the door's clearly locked!

Look what I spotted up this pole, hidden in the vine!
We had a nice time strolling around, although not much was open, being New Year's Day and all. We had lunch at a little deli and it ended up costing $21 for basically a small sandwich and a salad, with a few extras. Mr. Trucker was appalled at the 11% sales tax. 

I'm a little rusty on my history, but apparently Fredricksburg was pretty big Civil War territory, also some other important guy, whose name escapes me, was born there...

Oh yeah, that's right, it was Georgie Boy!



And more history! Very cool centuries old buildings, many
of them with slate tile shingled roofs.
Today we used Jimbo's truck to go to Walmart for a few groceries.  Then to pass the time in the truck, we watched a movie, napped, found the Green Bay Packer game (on a Chicago station, so we had to put up with the Bears' bias, but it's okay because WE won!), and now as the day/weekend winds to a close, we are hoping and praying that we can get out from under this load (and out of this rest area) tomorrow! 

Today's Silly Sounding Place Name:  Massaponax, Virginia.


  1. I also love the lime green sweater. I'm glad to hear you had another impromptu touring day. Sure sounds like fun. Love the house architecture in Fredricksburg. GO PACK!

  2. Bumpass? Don't overlook "Spotsylvania"!

  3. Mims said...
    "Bumpass? Don't overlook "Spotsylvania"!"

    Hi Mims, I was sure to point that out as we drove through it this morning.

    Mr. T