Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Definition of Insanity

The week after I came off the road, I drove to the Twin Cities in Minnesota, to visit my youngest daughter, Sassy. I wanted to see her new apartment and see how she was getting along. I planned to stay only a few days, but there was a HUGE blizzard while I was there, and I ended up staying an entire week. So I can safely tell you that the definition of insanity is: "One-bedroom apartment with one young woman and five cats".

Or, to put it mathematically:  21 year old blonde + no common sense(1 bedroom apartment)x 5 cats = .....
you guessed it, X = "insanity"!!!!!

There were cats everywhere! On the table, on the counters, on the chairs, in the shower, under the furniture, and one particularly un-endearing creature crying and scratching at the bedroom door nonstop every night, all night!  By the time I left, I felt like I was covered in cat hair (I probably was).

And THIS is only four of them! 

The kittens, or do I mean, the culprits.

They look so innocent, don't they?
As soon as I arrived at Sassy's place, I had to use her bathroom. Imagine my surprise when she hollered in "You only have to use one square of toilet paper".  "Excuse me?", I replied. "It's really high-quality toilet paper", she said, "you only need one square, maybe two". "I don't think so", I countered. "That stuff's expensive", she said, "I don't want you wasting it".

Isn't it funny how when she was living at home, it never occurred to her to conserve on paper products...or electricity...or water? I still remember when Mr. Trucker and I first married and blended our two families, how shocked he was at how much toilet paper three girls could use in comparison to he and his son. But it's different now that Sassy is living on her own, and paying her own expenses. Yes sirree Bob! Things are different now! 

While I was at Sassy's, we spent a lovely several hours touring the Como Park Conservatory and Zoo in St. Paul. www.comozooconservatory.org/  What a cool place!

Isn't that the coolest looking building?

The dome from inside
Lots and lots of beautiful plants and flowers!

No Sassy! I don't think you're supposed to touch the fern!

Aaargh! I know you're DEFINITELY not supposed to eat it!

Pretty little waterfally sort of thing

I called this fellow "Emo Boy". He was rather entertaining.

Isn't it pretty? I guess they do weddings there.

Now Sassy, you're not getting any ideas, are you?

Ack! No! What did I tell you about eating the plants!

So pretty...

This cute little fellow was fascinated with the goldfish.

What's that you say? You prefer to be called "Koi"?

Saucy little minx!

Aha! There he is again!


Some pretty greenery.

I forget what kind of toadstool this is...no wait! That's a lamp!

How about a few highlights from the zoo?

The three-toed sloth. Check out those nostrils!

The orangutan.

Here he is, showing another expression.

This fine fellow broke out his tuxedo for our visit!

"There once was a puffin just the shape of a muffin..."

Just before I left Sassy's, we decided we hadn't experienced enough excitement for one visit...so we bathed the cats!

They LOVED it! And our scratches will heal, eventually...

Next post: My visit with Sissy!


  1. Hi Honey,

    I'm in Binghamton, NY. I know how much you like saying that name. :-)

    Mr. T

  2. Loved all the photos. Can't wait to see what comes of Sissy's visit!