Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Holy Crap! Does Connecticut Have Snow!

As usual, we had a fun time in the Bronx and Brooklyn. The night before, I snapped some shots of the NYC skyline from New Jersey.

Oops! That's clearly not NYC, but I thought you would enjoy it.
Some folks sleigh riding.
I didn't notice the ducks in the foreground till after I'd taken
the picture.

NYC skyline from NJ

We spent the night here, before heading into the city, which I
thought was rather fitting, one week before the Super Bowl!

To say that they have snow issues in New York City would be an understatement. Because of the lack of parking, everyone parks on the street, so it's nearly impossible to plow.

Buried cars

More of the same.
This made it even more difficult than usual to maneuver a big semi through the streets and around corners. We made it out of the Bronx via the Whitestone bridge
Skyline behind barge on Hudson River
On the way into Brooklyn, I saw some cool sights:

Where the New York Mets play.

If anyone would like to help me out with this and the following
pic, I'd appreciate it. I'm clueless. The only thing I could possibly
think of, is New York World's Fair stuff...???

Kinda futuristic World's Fair looking stuff, eh?

New York Times HQ, I presume.
In both the Bronx and in Brooklyn, I became fascinated with the style of the homes:

I just love the ornate grating and grillwork.

Mr. Trucker thought this was George Costanza's parents' house,
although they MIGHT live in Queens...

See, in actual fact, I think this whole grillwork thing started as
a security "bars on the window" kind of thing, then they added
curlicues to make it look decorative, then it sort of migrated
to the outside of the houses...

A little different style
A couple last examples:

A few last Brooklyn sights before we head into Connecticut:

Note the cute little dog tied outside.

This guy was selling newspapers. And I don't think they were in English!

"They say no one's ever beaten the Van Wyck..."
"...and if it hadn't been for that five-car pileup at Rockaway Blvd..."

Sorry, I couldn't resist a little Seinfeld humor. If you'd like to hear the audio clip that was based on, here it is:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oW8BnwBHhs4

One thing I've discovered as we travel the highways & byways
of this country: There's a museum for just about anything you could
think of.

On a totally unrelated note, I was shocked and horrified to learn yesterday of Sandra Bullock's death!

She IS dead, right? I mean, there's no way anyone
could survive being stabbed in the heart!

Today's Silly Sounding Place Name:  Hackensack, New Jersey.


  1. I see the cars in New York are buried in the snirt......

  2. Mr. Truckers fatherFebruary 2, 2011 at 7:30 PM

    "Did Ya Miss Me?" Yes, we want to know where you are all the time, don't leave us hang for more than three days! Going to Rhinelander tomorrow for parts for the snow blower. Just keep those 18 wheels between the ditches!