Thursday, February 3, 2011

Random Ramblings From The Road

So, I think I'm gonna write a song to which the only words will be "Tonight's gonna be a good night. Tonight's gonna be a good, good night", and it'll become a major hit and they'll ask me to perform at the Super Bowl. I'll call my group "The Brown Eyed Susans" and I'll just go by my first name, "Margi", and my backup singer, Mr. Trucker, will go by the name "".

Did ya catch that reference to "The Black Eyed Peas"? Sometimes I am so funny I just crack myself up!

This has been my view the last few weeks:

My side of the windshield.
The windshield has been covered with salt and grime and the wiper blade on my side doesn't reach far enough to clean the whole windshield. This makes it kind of hard to get good pictures, but as long as Mr. Trucker can see, that's the most important thing.
We spent most of the last day and a half in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Skyline

It's an okay place. Too bad they don't have a football team!!!
We're hoping we don't have to watch the Super Bowl in Pittsburgh, they might not be so kind to us after we clean their clocks!!!

I'll tell you what, God has really been keeping an eye out for us this winter. With all this major winter weather blanketing the midwest and northeast week after week after week, we have managed to just skirt around all of it. It's been nothing short of miraculous! 

So, coming out of Pittsburgh yesterday, we spotted this:

"You can't defy the laws of physics, Cap'n!"

This whole mattress on top of the car thing is a never-ending source of amusement to Mr. Trucker and myself. We frequently see mattresses by the side of the road, and Mr. Trucker has explained to  me the laws of aerodynamics and mattresses (look it up if you don't believe me) and how the two just don't mix. Yet people always think they're going to beat the odds. And it was really really windy yesterday when we saw these folks. Ah well, will people never learn?

So, I bet you'll never guess where we're headed? That's right: Long Island. I told Mr. Trucker that they keep sending him there because he's the only driver who doesn't protest. 

Speaking of Long Island, remember those photos I posted the other day and asked for assistance in identifying them? Well, I was so surprised that no one responded. Particularly Cuz T, who always seems to know everything. I DID look them up online last night and my guess was right. They were from the 1964-65 New York World's Fair. They are a couple of the exhibits that were left in their original location in Flushing Meadows. Here they are again:

The "Unisphere"

Remaining structure of 1964 New York World's Fair's_Fair

Ooh, we just passed this:

Ouch! THAT'S gonna leave a mark!
I'll leave you with a couple pictures of prettiness:

Ice storm went through here.

Ooh! Aah!
Today's Silly Sounding Place Name:  Nanty Glo, Pennsylvania.


  1. I went 2 the 1967 world's fair as a kid - in Canada.

  2. So that picture of a building with 2 roundish towers is used in the movie Men In Black M.I.B. and is the cover-up the aliens landing there, so we built the worlds fair towers and they landed their craft on the top and that is what the 2 and 3 platforms are at the top, alien space craft.... Sorry I wasnt online with my memory bank of knowledge to help you out the other day...