Monday, February 7, 2011

Signs You're Not In Green Bay

Sign Number 1)

These guys:

I thought we had wandered onto the set of "Fiddler On The Roof"
This was in Brooklyn or the Bronx, I forget which
Sign Number 2)

Tall buildings:

Manhattan. I believe the tallest above ground building in Green Bay
is St. Vincent Hospital at ten stories. I've been told the Metropolitan
Sewerage District building has more stories, but they are underground!
Sign Number 3)

$3.29 hotdogs:

Mr. Trucker's been wanting to try a Nathan's hotdog,
but the tightwad in him couldn't bring himself to spend
$3.29 on one, till some guy who said he was born & raised in
"New Yawk" told him they are the "world's best hotdogs".

He was completely taken in, I'm afraid. He said
it was okay, but not as good as "Salmon's" in Wisconsin.
Sign Number 4)

Cult symbols:

Vast numbers of the houses in Ohio and Pennsylvania have these
tin stars on them, particularly out in the country. I think they mean
something, like maybe Hobos are welcome there...
Another sign or symbol that we can't make heads or tails out of is the practice of leaving your stranded car on the shoulder of the highway with either a T-shirt or a plastic grocery bag hanging out the driver's side window. They only do this in the Northeastern United States, as far as we can see, and it is very strange. I haven't been able to discover what the meaning is, maybe it means Hobos are welcome to the car...

Sign Number 5) 

Majorly huge and crowded cemeteries:

Brooklyn, or the Bronx, I forget which.

It's bad enough that New Yorkers all LIVE on top of each other;
but apparently there's no personal space after you die either.

I think if I lived there, I'd request being buried in S. Dakota or Wyoming or someplace where I could stretch out a little bit.
Sign Number 6) 

Freaky, oversized household items:

Holy Crap! Looks like the Jolly Green Giant lost his picnic basket.

This is actually a building! It's the Longaberger Basket Company's
Headquarters in Dresden, Ohio.
Sign Number 7)

Whiny Pittsburgh Steeler Fans:

Other than Mr. Trucker there in the middle, and a few other
fellow Packer fans, we watched last night's Super Bowl
with this group of Steeler fans.
You shoulda heard the whining from the Pittsburgh fans. One guy even said that Green Bay cheated to get to the Super Bowl. Please! Like six wins wasn't enough.? They can't bear to let someone else have a chance? We were very gracious about winning! We didn't even rub it in!


  1. Love the Longaberger basket building. Too bad for the Steelers. The Pack won fair and square. Heck, we got the short end of officiating and more injuries than the Steelers and we still won! Because we're the best!!

  2. yeah, that basket building is amazing..... someday I will have a huge t-shirt building....

  3. I tried the two-fer hotdogs at Speedway (gas stations). These were really bad. I will keep my eyes peeled for Nathan's. The box is impressive. I would risk it. Paul