Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gloom, malaise, and lethargy on me...

Deep dark depression, excessive misery...Does anyone remember this catchy little tune from Hee Haw? I changed up the words just a little at the beginning there to denote my mood. Do you ever have one of those days where you just don't feel like doing ANYTHING? Well, today's my day. I don't know why, the sun is shining and everything, and yet I just feel like a blah lump.

We are having mattress issues...and no, it's not bedbugs, which I gather from the TV news is a national epidemic. You may remember me mentioning that I ordered us a new custom made mattress for Mr. Trucker's rig, cuz the one that came with it is about 1/4 inch thick (I might be exaggerating ever so slightly) and Mr Trucker said he didn't want to come fetch me till the new mattress arrived so he wouldn't have to listen to me whine and cry every day about sleeping on the crappy mattress...Well, I ordered our mattress online on the 9th. On the 14th I received an email stating that it shipped on the 13th and giving me a tracking number, which I checked daily until finally, having seen NO movement on the tracking number, I called Mattress Insider last Thursday, the 16th, and was told it should arrive by end of day on Friday. Well, guess what? It didn't! On Monday I called again and got some more runaround about how it should be there any second. By the end of Monday I started to get firm (translated: crabby) with these people and eventually was told that they had no idea where the mattress was but that they would make me another one on Tuesday morning and next day air it to me (at their own expense) so that I should have it by Thursday or Friday morning. This was only after I told them that if they couldn't guarantee its arrival by Friday, I wanted the order cancelled. Mr. Trucker is arriving to get me anytime between Thursday and Saturday and I am anticipating our hitting the road late Sunday (possibly Monday) and not being back till Thanksgiving. I just got done checking my emails and I now have a tracking number which shows something that resembles movement and an assurance that the mattress SHOULD arrive Friday. What happened to Thursday or Friday morning at the latest? I'm really hacked about this because if it doesn't arrive before we have to leave, we'll be sleeping on the piece of crap mattress till Thanksgiving and is it only me who sometimes wonders, when ordering things on the internet, if it's all just smoke and mirrors, and some of these places just take your money but don't really have a product to deliver....?

Well, hopefully in a couple days, the mattress will arrive, followed by Mr. Trucker, and before you can say "Bob's your Uncle", I'll be blogging from the road. I cannot wait. I've got the adventure bug bigtime!

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