Monday, September 27, 2010

Home Sweet Truck

Mr. Trucker & I have spent the bulk of the last three days getting our new "home" set up the way we want it. Here are some of the highlights:

Running board
My honey made this little foot scraper for me so I won't track mud into our home. There's one on his side also.

                                                                Below is our bed.

The new mattress we ordered is very comfy. For those who wonder about these things, it's 38" x 80", roughly the size of a twin xtra long or a dorm size bed. And yes, we both sleep in it. There IS an upper bunk in case we need it, but it'll be used primarily for storage.
Foot of the bed

Microwave up top, strapped down of course. Drawers for pantry supplies beneath, bungie corded in so the drawers stay shut while the truck is in motion. Note the power strip to the left, attached with double sided sticky tape.

Below the drawers, the electric cooler, which functions much like a refrigerator, but is way cheaper than a truck refrigerator. It's large enough to hold some sliced sandwich meat, some fruit, soymilk, baby carrots, jelly, a couple bottles of water and cans of V8.

The closet

Dining table
A wooden TV tray table which folds up and stows in the closet. Will also double as a cribbage playing table.

Accessory hooks

The famous Tilley hat
My command center
This is where I will keep my IPod touch, my cellphone
and my camera
Our new home!


  1. Love the digs! Can't wait to hear about the first adventure.

  2. nice dining table hahaha.
    when are you leaving?

  3. Dang, nice digs. Do you offer Bed and Breakfast rates? I think you have more room than my last house had.....