Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I hate cars!

Cars suck! I hate car payments, particularly. That is why we do not have one (a payment, that is). And that is why our car is 14 years old, and a little dented, and a little rusted, and has a few white spots (from me scraping the side of the garage backing out of our old house) and a big yellow spot (from me scraping something inside the parking garage at our apartment in Green Bay). Oh, and did I mention the two big cracks in the windshield? But they're not directly in my line of vision, so I'm not gonna pay to fix them. And I'm (likely) not going to pay to fix the non-working air conditioner, although this summer I was SORELY tempted, man was it hot! But I reasoned that I would be mainly in the Peterbilt with Mr. Trucker, and IT has air conditioning.

In case you're starting to wonder if I'm going somewhere with this line of blogging, I AM! My car is now broken! Darn car! My mother-in-law and I went on a little outing last Friday and even though she offered several times to drive, I INSISTED on driving, after all, she does enough for me. When we came out of the little cafe/gift shop in Crandon, the darn thing wouldn't start! They key goes into the ignition, but then it just rolls slackly in a semicircle and doesn't catch. We ended up calling my father-in-law to come rescue us and having my car towed to a garage in Wabeno. Mr. Trucker had just been on the verge of coming to fetch me over the weekend, but he called his dispatcher to cancel this home time because it was Friday afternoon & he wanted to catch said dispatcher before he went home for the weekend. Mr. Trucker reasoned that I would have to be here this week to deal with repairs and garages and such like, but what we reasoned WITHOUT is that the garage is closed for 10 days because the owner is on vacation. So my car will sit in his lot till at least next Monday, because this is a tiny town and there's basically only one garage. And I will sit here waiting for another week to go out on the road with my beloved, even though there's really no need for me to be here.

It's just as well, I guess, because I did order that mattress for the truck and it hadn't arrived by last weekend (it should arrive THIS week). Mr. Trucker said he'd rather have me wait till the mattress arrives for him to fetch me, because (he says) I would just whine and cry about the crappy mattress that's in the truck now. And, he says, he doesn't want to have to listen to me "whine and cry" every day. Riiiiiiiiiight...So instead of coming to get me, he spent Saturday night and part of Sunday at a truck stop in Green Bay, so near and yet so far (for someone with no car) and got to visit with friends of ours and go to church with some dear friends, while I pine for him up here in the north woods and do battle with small, furry rodents.

Today I brought my camera down to my parents'-in-law to take pictures of some interesting mushrooms they have growing in their front yard, under the bird feeders. I got looking through the pictures stored in my camera and discovered about 127 shots of the Fox River in downtown Green Bay, taken from the patio door in our former apartment. Some of these shots were even taken THROUGH the screen! And there were a couple shots of the little kitten, Donovan, through the screen of the patio door. These shots could only have been taken by someone who got ahold of my camera, someone who is fond of taking repeated shots of the exact same subject, someone who once took an entire roll of film of our dog, Dusty, someone who shall remain nameless, but who is blonde, 21 years old, and goes by the nickname "Sassy" (to distinguish her from her sister, who goes by "Sissy"). I'll share some of these pictures with you just as soon as I figure out how to get them from the camera onto the computer. Don't hold your breath!

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