Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our dream

One of the biggest reasons for my going out on the road with Mr. Trucker is so that we can save up enough money to build a permanent structure on our land up north. Something that will look very similar to the photo above, only smaller. We want something tiny, we plan to continue the minimalist lifestyle even after coming off the road. But it will be large enough, at least upstairs in the loft area, for our kids to come stay, hopefully with THEIR kids (if they ever bless us with any).

In the meantime, this is where we live when we're not on the road (and where I've been living for the last month):

This is only the front door. I'm not going to show you a picture of the whole thing, because I think even you, tender readers, would be flummoxed and awestruck! I spend a lot of time down (up) at my in-laws, who have a beautiful place just up (down) the trail from my humble abode.

Did any of you watch Dancing With The Stars last night? I generally don't watch that show, but my Mother-in-law and I have been watching a lot of TV together in the evenings while my Father-in-law surfs the web for all kinds of interesting factoids (like what are Sugar Gliders, what about Jim Thorpe's history, and he always prints me out a map of where my beloved, Mr Trucker, is spending the night and where he's heading the next day). Anyway, I was just touched almost to tears at the way Kurt Warner walked right over to his wife sitting in the front row and kissed her the instant he was finished performing. Almost before the applause had started. I love knowing that he is a Believer and is standing for what is right and good. Y'all should vote for him if you get the chance.

After three weeks of COOL fall weather up here in the northwoods, we are finally getting a day where the temperature feels like it's above 65. The cold snap has already done its work, however, and the majority of the leaves have turned color and many have fallen. I hope there is still some fall color to see after Mr. Trucker fetches me this coming weekend and we go out together (finally)!

If you're hungry, you should stop by and visit me this week. I've been cooking up a storm in my new Dutch Oven and having a lot of fun. It's rare that I get a chance to cook without Mr. Trucker interfering, taking over and telling me I'm doing it all wrong. It's a miracle that I manage without him...I made Eggplant Parmesan the other day and it was wonderful, but there was so much we had to freeze over half of it. And Sunday I made a Cassoulet in my Dutch Oven that was to die for! Oh my, my mouth is watering even now! I didn't notice till after I had purchased all the ingredients that the recipe served 12, so we ended up freezing a lot of that too. When Mr. Trucker arrives on the weekend, he is going to eat so well!!! Unless you readers find your way up north before he gets here. It's first come, first served.


  1. Actually, you didn't manage so well without me. That's why you have me now... and I you.

    Mr. T

  2. Awwwww honey! I can't wait to see you! Mwah!

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