Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bond...James Bond

Now that yesterday's delivery is completed, I can share with you the details of this highly clandestine, secret mission. When we picked up in Virginia on Thursday, Mr. Trucker was surprised to be asked for his truck registration as well as his driver's license. THAT'S never happened before. And then they took his thumbprint! When he came back out to the truck, he said to me: "This must be a high value load. They're even taking pictures of my truck to record the DOT number."

While we were being loaded, he shared with me that during his training, he remembers being told about hauling high value loads, such as computers. He said they were instructed that they shouldn't make ANY stops within three hours of the pickup, so as not to be targeted by hijackers. Can you imagine? We speculated on what we would possibly be carrying, in a refrigerated trailer, and decided that maybe caviar or lobster would be likely. Turns out we were pretty much spot on. We hauled over 33,000 lbs of frozen seafood; lobster, crab, crawfish, langostino, tilapia...up to New York state. I watched our rearview mirror closely for any signs of hijackers! What would they do to us if they did stop us, I wondered? Would they shoot us? Or would they just take the truck and leave us stranded? But we made it safely to our destination. So the next time you eat at Red Lobster, think of us and how we made it possible.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday in upstate New York

I was pleased how this one turned out. It looks like it could
be a jigsaw puzzle.
Also, my newest craft obsession is: slouch hats. Here's one I just finished knitting.

Notice how the color of the hat matches my glasses?
We have a leisurely two and a half days to drive 285 miles, and we're still in upstate New York, so we are going to try like the dickens to see Niagara Falls today! The trick will be parking the truck somewhere within walking or bus riding distance. Or maybe we'll take a cab, who knows? But hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to post some breathtaking shots of the falls! Stay tuned.

Today's Silly Sounding Place Name: Goochland, Virginia.

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  1. Merry Christmas to Mr. and Mrs. Trucker. From JP and PSP of GB, WI.