Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Little Excitement To Break Up The Monotony

This life can be so (yawn) boring sometimes. You wake up in a different city every morning, go to sleep in a different city every night. Spend all day driving to different places, seeing different sights as you go...

But today an incident occurred to break up all that sameness. We were sitting at a loading dock at a shipper, being loaded. We were snoozing in the bunk when suddenly we heard a loud noise and felt the truck rocking and shaking. We jumped up and saw this:

Holy Crap!

I believe we've been hit!
A new guy being trained with another company cut it too close and hit us. This generated a little excitement, as you may imagine. Mr. Trucker had to get out and take pictures and call his company. There were three guys in the other truck and they had to take pictures and call THEIR company.

Talk about being hemmed in
There really isn't much damage but it's wasting a lot of our time, as we had to make phone calls and take pictures, and then we had to drive half an hour out of route to the company's terminal to have it looked at. We are heading for two stops in Long Island, NY, and one in New Jersey, all of which take place tomorrow.

On a lighter note, last night we got to Virginia early and parked for the night, and then brother-in-law Jimbo came to fetch us from his home nearly an hour away and we got showers, pizza, and some fun card playing before he drove us back to the truck. And the best part was, we got to spend time with Jimbo and nephew Tyler, and to meet some lovely new folks, Jimbo's friends and neighbors. 

Karen & Ron with daughter, Mandy.
Have you ever seen a Mother and Daughter who looked more alike?

This is a horrible picture of me, but it's the only one
where Jimbo's eyes were open. 
Interesting note: We played Texas Hold 'Em, and I only played under duress, because I am not that competitive and haven't played in a very long time. But I actually finished third. In the money, even. Mr. Trucker, who IS very competitive, finished first! It was nice to get away from the truck for awhile.

Tomorrow I'll be reporting from Long Island. Maybe if you're lucky you'll get some more pictures of the Statue of Liberty's backside!

Today's Silly Sounding Place Name: Cacapon, Maryland.


  1. Today was Christmas cookie baking day for me so took the day off and worked all day in the kitchen. My feet are tired and my tummy is very full!

  2. Mr. Trucker's fatherDecember 16, 2010 at 5:26 AM

    Margi, you played up against the very best; both Jimbo and Ron should be on TV, they are the professionals. Over the years when ever we would have a game question, we would call Jimbo for the right answer. Keep up the great reporting.

  3. I'm glad you and the Mrs. are OK! And she is speedy with that camera!