Wednesday, December 1, 2010

On The Road Again...

Mr Trucker is so excited that we headed back out today. He really loves being on the road. My feelings are more ambivalent. I enjoyed being off the road, although it was weird not having a nest of my own. My in-laws have a lovely place, and are beyond generous, but it still feels strange not having my own place for the first time since before I went off to college. It actually makes the truck feel more like home to me.

It is definitely much colder out here than it was when we went home for Thanksgiving. It makes that walk from the truck to wherever the bathroom is quite chilly! We drove from my in-laws in Wabeno to Plover, WI to pick up an empty trailer, then took it to Weyauwega, WI, where we took on a load of cheese which we will drive to Allentown, Pennsylvania.

We saw a LOT of wild turkeys over Thanksgiving break

Flushed these out just this morning
and a huge bald eagle flew right across the hood of our car over the weekend!

All in all, it is very pretty in northern Wisconsin. Just to give you a frame of reference, this is what passes for a mountain in Wisconsin

Rib Mountain, in Wausau, WI
We're heading for Pennsylvania again tomorrow, where I think we'll see some REAL mountains. I'm curious to see if there's much snow there.

With as much driving as we do, we're bound to run into some delays from time to time. Today's delay was courtesy of an accident near Milwaukee

I felt bad for these people, although it appeared no one was hurt

I have some exciting news! We're finally going to go somewhere warm, somewhere outside of our ordinary Illinois-Indiana-Ohio-Pennsylvania-New Jersey route with a little bit of Wisconsin, Iowa, Arkansas, and Vermont thrown in for good measure. We're going to spend Christmas with Mr. Trucker's sister and her family in Daytona Beach, FL! Which means that we'll be given a load to deliver there in just about three weeks! I'm really excited! Maybe it will be the start of something new in terms of travel.

Today's Silly Sounding Place Name:  Kronenwetter, Wisconsin.


  1. Mr. Trucker's fatherDecember 1, 2010 at 8:39 PM

    “On the road again...” is what I predicted your next title would be. We all thoroughly enjoy your most descriptive writing. I want the whole world to know that besides being a great writer you are also a great Cross-Crib player. We had some real fun games.

  2. So, does your planned stop in Daytona Beach rely on the good pleasures of Mr. Trucker's dispatcher? Seems I recall something about a little maintenance appointment not going so well courtesy of said dispatcher! ;-)