Friday, December 3, 2010

The View From Up Here

It's fun sitting up so high in this truck. You can really see a lot from up here, like people in cars picking their noses (ick). Mostly I see a lot of backyards. Some are nice...

We LOVE this house, we've seen it several times now
and some are not so nice...

We actually see a lot of places backed up to the interstate which
are nothing more than shacks with yards full of garbage, but I
never seem to get a picture...

Now THERE'S a color everyone should paint their house!

We see a lot of trailer parks

Oh, forgive me! I believe the accepted term is
"Manufactured Housing Community"
and HERE'S a phenomenon that Mr. Trucker and I never fail to get a kick out of...

The Campground on the Interstate. We see them everywhere.
Someone please tell me HOW this is getting away from it all!
We see plenty of livestock



And an occasional bug...

Yellow one! Gotcha Mr. Trucker!
We keep a tally of who gets the most slugs in.
I can't really reach Mr. T across the cab, so I have to make do
with just pumping the air near his shoulder with my fist.

We've noticed that there seems to be a museum for just about everything

I almost yawned myself to death just thinking about this one

Remember the "Anthracite Museum" from a previous post?

Will someone PLEASE tell me what this sign is doing in the middle
of Pennsylvania? Is that "Jersey Shore" reality show THAT popular?

When we entered Pennsylvania yesterday, we encountered snow, and in fact were driving in falling snow for awhile

Then all of a sudden, it was gone

Green grass, even
and we haven't seen any since. In fact, it's in the mid 40's today here in Allentown. They apparently have had some issues with rivers flooding in Pennsylvania this week

We saw signs that this one had been up over the nearby road recently

One thing about rivers and streams--they look beautiful from up
here in the truck, but they do NOT translate well into photos

When we finally got off the interstate today and onto some more country roads (my favorite thing to do), we saw some cute little towns

This picture was taken at an intersection in a town that was
actually called Hometown, Pennsylvania. How quaint.

Here we are entering the "ghetto" sounding town of Tamaqua
Tamaqua is actually a really cute little town

Typical Pennsylvania mountain town with the houses crowded
all together right on the street

Signs wishing you Merry Christmas in many languages

This is a familiar sight almost everywhere we go

Downtown Tamaqua

A few last shots before I sign off

This one's for brother-in-law Jimbo & nephew Tyler,
whose last name is White

I didn't realize till after I downloaded this photo that Santa is driving the car

Here's a slice of Americana for you
One reader commented on the unlikelihood of Mr. Trucker's dispatcher ACTUALLY getting us to Daytona Beach for Christmas. Well, guess what? He's actually already agreed to it. And it must have started something because our dispatch after this next one is sending us to Georgia!!! In December! Woohoo!

Today's Silly Sounding Place Name: Shamokin, Pennsylvania (always makes us say "Schmokin'", as in "schmokin' hot!"


  1. Smokin' blog there..... nice to hear you had a good thanksgiving, and back out on the road refreshed. I always wondered about those campgrounds next to the highway too, but obviously people enjoy them....
    We have a couple inches of white stuff in Traverse City, beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

  2. Hi Sis and Mr. T, You folks are having the ride of your life. What fun. And great memories. Enjoying your photos and commentary too. Bro. Paul