Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Having Technical Difficulties...

I was all set to resume blogging after our Christmas vacay, but here's the problem: As I was typing my post, adding pictures willy nilly as I am prone to do, I got an error message saying that my "storage" of photos was full. I have no idea what this means, as I am technologically challenged, and it was enough of a miracle that I ever figured out how to set up a blog at all, and when I figured out how to upload my photos to my blog, I thought I had conquered Mount Everest!

Since I can't envision this blog without the pictures that you have all come to expect (and since I have a boatload of pictures from our time in Daytona Beach that I'm dying to share with you), there will be a slight delay while I scratch my head and try to figure out how to solve this problem. It could be days...I may need to find an alternate software/server/program..."thingy" to host my blog. But rest assured, one day soon, when you least expect it...I'll be back.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Mrs. Trucker


  1. will be waiting with baited breath... whatever the heck THAT means...

  2. Mr. Trucker's fatherDecember 29, 2010 at 4:10 PM

    We are waiting with bated breath for your next edition. You figured your blog by yourself, you will solve your dilemma and make everyone happy. Just remain calm!!!!!!

    Something else is wrong also, I had to try many times to get this comment to post.

  3. Can you upload the photos to a different service like Flickr, and then embed them from the external URL into your post?

    I hope that didn't sound too technical. I bet you can figure it out if you play around with it for a bit.

  4. Yeah, you could use a Photobucket. That would work well. It has an easy copy and paste/viewing system as well.

  5. I too am technically challenged so have no advice to offer. I can pray for you however to find a solution. I'd love to see the Daytona Beach pix as it's hard to imagine what a palm tree looks like this time of year in the great white north. We have a houseful this week and enjoying it.