Monday, December 13, 2010

In The Icy Cold Grip of Winter

We have done our best so far to avoid the fierce winter weather that seems to have gripped much of the midwest. We have, for the most part, outrun the blizzard(s) and been in (somewhat) southern states. But you can only escape for so long and reality has caught up with us for a day or so. We left Virginia yesterday morning and drove all the way to Indiana, part of that driving being done while it was snowing. We saw many, many accidents, and vehicles in ditches, but Mr. Trucker is an extremely careful man, about EVERYTHING in life, and driving is no exception.

He refuses to let other truck drivers rattle him if THEY drive at speeds that he considers too fast for conditions, and he leaves the CB off so he doesn't have to listen to them in case they complain about how slow he is driving. Many of them DO drive way too fast for conditions when it is icy.

US Highway in Indiana

The temperature has only been in the teens in Indiana and the windchill is pretty ferocious. I find myself purposely not drinking water, so that I won't have to go to the bathroom as often, because to bundle up and leave the truck to walk to a bathroom is not pleasant in this weather. It's always cozy in the truck, however, except when Mr. Trucker opens the door, which he has to do pretty often at a pickup or delivery.

It doesn't help that most of our pickups/deliveries are at places like this:


The good news is that we are now on our way to Virginia, where I think we can safely assume that there is less snow and cold than we have been experiencing. And we've STILL managed to avoid the worst of the snowstorm, which I gather was all up in Minnesota, Wisconsin, northern Illinois, and Michigan, also probably Ohio. 

Bye bye, Indianapolis!

We'll be spending the night tonight at our Silly Sounding Place Name of the Day:  Waddy, Kentucky.


  1. Go south, lady, go south!!! PSP in GB

  2. Mr. Trucker's fatherDecember 14, 2010 at 4:44 PM

    Margi, today we met people from Pelican Lake in Rhinelander at Menards that love your blog. I believe for the majority of us, your blog is highly educational.