Wednesday, November 3, 2010

At Long Last...BBQ

I never did see any hillbillies. Course, I don't know exactly what one looks like. I guess I expect to see a Lil Abner type character: Bib overalls with one strap hanging and the pant legs too short, bare feet, a ratty straw hat, few teeth, and a piece of wheat sticking out of their mouth...Nothing like a little stereotyping here.

I finished my beret today, and wore it a little bit.

Getting close to the end now.
This stage of knittng a tubular object is always kinda fun. You're knitting along: fat, dumb and happy, on circular needles, but then you have to start decreasing stitches so that you can close off your circular object. Pretty soon you have too few stitches to maneuver comfortably on the circular needle, so you have to start knitting off onto DOUBLE POINTED NEEDLES! I love knitting on double pointed needles, cuz it always makes me feel really important, and like a real, expert knitter (which I clearly am NOT).  Anyway, eventually then you decrease down to where you have about five stitches left on two double pointed needles, and you have to cut your yarn, weave the end through the last five stitches, and voila

The beret! All I need now is a neckerchief and a cigarette in a
holder, and with my high school french, I could be dangereuse!
Quelle non?
It rained most of the day, so I didn't get too many pictures until late in the afternoon and by then we had crossed the Mississippi River from Arkansas into Tennessee, where I thought we had crossed the time/space continuum and ended up in Egypt!

This is actually Memphis, TN

Memphis skyline in the mist

Ah. Elvis is performing, I see...
And what should we find in Memphis, but what we had been looking for a very long time in Arkansas

Yes! Barbecue!
We parked right on the street, threw on the flashers and went in and had some great BBQ, with red beans and rice and...wait for it....fried bread! Seriously? Fried bread? Clearly a southern thing.

This was right next door, but we didn't have time to stop

in Memphis
Gotta keep pushing on to Murray, Kentucky. 

Today's Silly Sounding Place Name:  Toad Suck, Arkansas (I am NOT making this up)!

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  1. Oh come on, you mad up Toad Suck.....

    I'm beginning to think you are really having too much fun, and just knitting, taking pictures, and eating BBQ all day.....