Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! On hiatus.

Hello Dear Readers:

Do not worry if you do not hear from me much this week. Mr. Trucker and I arrived at our "home" (his parents place) on Tuesday at noon and have been busy catching up with family and loved ones. It is very cold here, considering that we travelled from 62 degrees in Illinois and Indiana on Monday to snow and now 8 degrees with very cold wind-chill in northern Wisconsin.

Our truck needs a good cleaning, but it is tempting to hibernate inside my in-laws cozy house instead. We DID drive our CAR from here to Green Bay on Wednesday for a full day of doctor, dentist and eye doctor appointments, not to mention hair cuts, and to pick up Sassy at the bus station, where she would be arriving from Minneapolis. Her bus was over two and a half hours late, due to worsening road conditions, and then we still had a harrowing three hour drive back north on really bad roads. But it has been good seeing family.

Hope you also had a nice Turkey Day with YOUR loved ones and that you have the good sense to stay out of the store early this morning!

You will hear from me again once we are back out on the road, probably next Tuesday or Wednesday!

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