Monday, November 15, 2010

Make New Friends, But Keep The Old....

I've decided that the state of Pennsylvania needs to put me on their payroll as official state photographer and tourism spokesperson! I spend more time there than anybody else and take great pictures!

more PA beauty

Tuscarora Mtn again. This was a five tunnel day!

Somewhere in Pennsylvania
I talk it up pretty good, so you'd think that would be worth something to the state!

One of the tunnels. This is a very silly sounding name!

There is a tunnel in Pittsburgh called "the Squirrel tunnel". I like that name. We went through it on Saturday, but I was on the phone with Lil Deb at the time and didn't get a picture. Also, Mr. Trucker was panicking because he wasn't certain we could fit inside it, but we made it out the other side...

Anybody want to take a stab at THIS pronunciation?
This was in Mechanicsburg, PA
On Saturday after we stopped at the Sheepskin Shop, we made our delivery at the WalMart distribution center in Winterville, OH. From there we took a very windy (that's wind-ey, not windy) county highway all the way to Akron. We passed through some pretty small towns and saw some pretty interesting sights. For instance, we both exclaimed out loud when we saw a lighted sign (it was night) for "Sweeney Dodds Funeral Home" in Amsterdam, OH. Unfortunately, sometimes these things come up so fast that I can't get a picture, so you will just have to imagine that you saw it, too, and believe that I am NOT making it up.

Right after Sweeney Dodd's, we found a BBQ place in Carrollton at which to stop for Mr. Trucker's birthday supper. We knew it was a sign that we should eat there, because the place was called "Jimmy's" (Mr. Trucker's favorite name to call just about anybody), AND it had only been in business for five days! They serve pulled pork, brisket and smoked chicken barbecue and it was really, really good!!! 

When we stopped for the night Saturday at a rest area just outside of Mansfield, OH, it was 70 degrees outside! It was quite a bit cooler the following morning, as we headed for Indiana and our delivery at the Dollar General headquarters in Marion.

I have a high school chum who lives in Muncie, IN, about 40 minutes from Marion, so we made arrangements to meet in Marion for supper. Sharon and I sang in choir and played violin in the orchestra together in high school back in Midland, Michigan (just a few years ago), and although we didn't stay in touch right out of school, we reconnected not that long ago. When Sassy was a high school junior, she and I did a couple of college tours in Indiana, and while we were there we met Sharon and her two beautiful daughters for several hours. That was the first time I had seen Sharon since graduation, and yesterday was only the second! She brought her really lovely husband, Butch along, and he and Mr. Trucker got on like a house on fire. It's amazing how much Sharon and I still have in common!

One of the things we have in common is that neither of us has
aged a bit! 
After Sharon and Butch dropped us back off at our truck for the night, we spent some time perusing the aisles at the Love's truckstop in Marion, Indiana, at the intersection of I-69 and Highway 18. Love's is starting to stock their shelves for Christmas and they had these large dolls for sale that are (obviously) made in China

"Collection Them All!", the box suggests
Another customer caught us taking pictures of the box and snickering and wondered what we were up to. We told her about the website, which is a lot of fun. It shows examples of Chinese and/or Japanese signs and advertisements that are attempting to be, well..."Engrish".

We also told her about the website, which is relatively self-explanatory, I think. You may wish to check it out. Everytime I do, it makes me feel better about my own lack of personal style and panache! 

Speaking of style and panache, Mr. Trucker bought a new cap last night. You can't tell it by these pictures, but it is actually pretty stylish (at least I think so, not that I'm the world's authority on style, just ask my daughters...). When he pulls the sides down, it looks kind of "skateboardery".

That's right! I'm blogging about YOU, Mr. Trucker!

Don't look away when I'm tryin' to take your picture!

So what do you think, readers? Hmmmmm?

Whoa dude! We just got pulled over by an Indiana State Trooper and I thought Mr. Trucker was going to poop in his pants! It is just a "routine Level 3 paperwork check", or so says the officer, who complimented me on my laptop. He said he is a professional photographer and LOVES the Macbook Pro, which is what I am using. We are sitting on the side of I-65, 33 miles south of I-80, waiting for the officer to bring the paperwork back to the truck. Nothing like a little excitement to round out our day!

Here's a Silly Sounding Place Name that we weren't anyplace near. I got it off a truck

Today's Silly Sounding Place Name:
Okahumpka, Florida


  1. hey, we all wanted a picture of the Trooper..... didn't want his picture taken, I'll bet.....
    Love the hat.....
    I remember a trucking company in my area called "Destination Unknown Trucking".... didn't really think I would want to trust a load to them....

  2. Mr. Truckers fatherNovember 16, 2010 at 2:18 PM

    Mr. Trucker's new cap is very similar to his brother's "Stormy Kromer". Mr. Trucker just had a birthday two days ago. Tomorrow his brother is celebrating his birthday.

  3. Mr. Trucker's hat is very tweedish. Is he ready for a fox hunt? Oh, and happy B-day Mr. T. National Geographic will pay money for your tour of America, photoshoot (how much??? you ask).
    Bro. Paul