Thursday, November 11, 2010

New York State of Mind

Yesterday we were mostly in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Sorry Snooki, we won't be coming for a visit THIS time

I've never seen this TV show, just heard about it
Here is also another random New Jersey shot, just for Cuz T in Michigan, who I know reads this blog faithfully. He's the only one (besides my brothers) who will understand it, and even he will probably scratch his head and think "now why'd she include THAT?".

In Burlington, NJ. Reminded me of Uncle B & Aunt E

Guard shack humor. Although I don't think they intended it
to be funny.

After leaving NJ, we crossed the Delaware, just like Washington did when he threw the quarter across the wait, it was a silver dollar, and it was the Potomac River...or was it Uncle Sam?... ummm... I better quit while I'm ahead...

Crossing the Delaware River from PA to NJ

Actually, I did research this and George DID cross here into
Trenton, NJ, to fight the Hessians
Anyway, we drove through PA, where I lost count of the number of times we crossed the Susquehanna River, although we never did locate the Susquehanna Hat Company--see

Would you believe roses? Blooming in November?
Outside the Service Plaza in Allentown, PA

From Pennsylvania, we entered New York state and ended up in the lovely Finger Lakes region. We passed through Watkins Glen, NY, at which time I was instructed by Mr. Trucker to text brother-in-law, Jimbo, that we were ''passing through Watkins Glen". Apparently, it's a NASCAR thing...

Jimbo, this one's for you! Also, a sneak preview
of a place which will be mentioned later.

It was dark but we were passing very close to one of the Finger Lakes. I asked Mr. Trucker what the name of the lake was, because I thought his GPS showed names, and he said he thought it was "The Middle Finger" lake. Do you think he was joking?  There was a winery or wine cellar every 100 feet or so as we drove along the lake. It caused us to wonder whether, if you had a cellar full of Boone's Farm or MD 20/20, you couldn't just throw a sign out in your yard and call yourself a winery. We were looking (to no avail) for a place to catch a quick bite before arriving at our destination for the night. I say to no avail, because most every place we passed was closed, some of them were just turning off their signs as we drove past. One of these places, which Mr. Trucker would have killed to have eaten at, was called "Red's Hots Wienery"...get it...wienery, as in hot dogs...pretty clever, no?

It was actually getting kind of creepy the closer we got to our destination, because we were definitely in the middle of nowhere, and driving on all kind of back roads in the dark until we reached Dundee, NY, and Dundee Foods, where we parked awaiting our 7 a.m. unloading. We bundled up, cuz it was getting cold, and walked into town (just under a mile) to score some dinner. We ended up closing down Wise Guys pizza at 10:00 p.m. Mr. Trucker asked one of the football-playing-looking types who waited on us what there was to do in town. The young man said "nothing" and told us the population was only in the 800's. We walked back to the truck under cold, clear, skies and I believe we could see every star and constellation in the galaxy.

This morning it was only 28 degrees when we awoke. You would be surprised at how warm and cozy we are in our little cab together,  with our "Reflectix" curtains holding in the heat. Mr. Trucker even turned off the bunk heater in the night because it was so "stinking hot" in there.  After unloading, we headed out of Dundee, where they have some spectacular houses

Addams Family Home

Creepy Halloween decorations at Addams Family home

Our personal favorite, on Seneca St in Dundee, NY

Another example of interesting architecture

in Dundee, NY

Sorry about the tree. This one's for sale, if you're interested

Outside of town, on the county highway, we saw this sign

Ordinarily I would have thought this was for Amish, but that
doesn't look like an Amish buggy. It looks like a horse pulling a
John Deere tractor
The scenery this morning was absolutely breathtaking, what with the frost and the low-hanging clouds and the country roads...

I think this must be heaven!
Later in the day, we passed through a number of foreign countries...




Also Israel!

I leave you now with a few more pictures of picturesqueness and today's Silly Sounding Place Name

Today's Silly Sounding Place Name: 

Horseheads, NY


  1. great scenery... I assume you will retire someday to Pennsylvania, and get horses to pull your John Deere tractor into town...

  2. Although I abhor the road course races in NASCAR, I would love to hit Watkins Glen once while I'm on the East Coast - to see the countryside, if nothing else! ABSOLUTELY great pictures...I'm falling in love with some of these towns!!!

  3. Hey, next to the sign for Horseheads is Binghamtom. That's where my boyhood friend Dave Wise lives. He worked for IBM after graduating from MSU. He's retired already. Poor me. I'm still working. Brother Paul.

  4. Well, that can't be 'heaven', since it's located in Dyersville, Iowa(Field Of Dreams) remember? Love viewing your site :-)