Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Brigadoon, Pennsylvania

Today I was able to earn my way back into Mr. Trucker's good graces. You may remember me posting early last month about Emlenton, PA. That is the storybook looking village on the banks of the Alleghany River that you can see from way up high on the Emlenton I-80  bridge. I missed getting any decent pictures of it last month because I had nearly worn out the batteries in my camera in the miles leading up to it, and Mr. Trucker was gravely disappointed in me.

Today Mr. Trucker determined that we were going to get some good shots of Emlenton if it killed us. First, we had to wake up at the world's most disgusting truckstop in Lake Station, IN, and drive out of Indiana, where I saw my first snow of the season

Snow in Indiana

Then we had to drive across Ohio

the Meander Reservoir in Ohio
and into Pennsylvania. We were racing against time, because we knew that with the previous weekend's time switch away from Daylight Savings Time, we were barely going to make it to Emlenton before we lost our light. Mr. Trucker's plan was to get off at the exit just before the bridge, then drive down THROUGH the town and back up the other side, because the best view is on the north side of the bridge and we were traveling east, which meant it would all be on HIS side of the truck. 

Here's our exit
When I say that Emlenton is way down in a valley, I am not exaggerating.

the descent into Emlenton

It was quite a steep descent, complicated by a little bit of road construction

Great! Put a stop sign in the MIDDLE of a steep downhill grade.

This is the bridge we still have to go up and over!

The town is absolutely adorable! I think I may have to move there, they have all the necessary services

Emlenton, PA
It's your typical Pennsylvania town, with the houses all crammed together right on the street. 

Main drag in Emlenton, PA
 I saw at least TWO Antique stores and various other quaint looking businesses

Emlenton, PA business district
After cruising the main drag (can you call it cruising in an 18 wheeler?), we got back on I-80 heading west this time and I managed to get off these shots

Emlenton, PA seen from the Emlenton I-80 bridge
Mr. Trucker says it looks its best this time of year with no leaves on the trees to obscure the view from the bridge. He also says it is pretty in winter with snow. Since we had been holding it for hours so as to make it to Emlenton before we lost the light, we made a pit stop to use the facilities

Emlenton Truck Plaza
Home of America's Worst Best Pies!

I happen to know that the Lemon Meringue is good!

So, hope you enjoyed our little excursion! We're pressing on now to make it to the Flying J in Mill Hall, PA for the night so that we'll be within shouting distance of our delivery tomorrow in Fogelsville (yesterday I mistakenly called it Fogelville). 

Today's Silly Sounding Place Name:  Maumee, OH.


  1. Great Pictures. Are you using a Kodak Brownie?

  2. The Emlenton photos were great. Lovely looking city. I am available the Sat after Thanksgiving to have coffee! All boys are hunting and my daughter is working so let me know when we can get together. I can't wait to see you!

  3. Hi DD, I think her Kodak EasyShare C182 is doing a fine job. What's the difference between that and a Kodak Brownie?

    Mr. T

  4. Honey, EVERYBODY knows what a "Brownie" is! It's that brown streak you get in your undershorts when...

  5. i just saw your photos of Emlenton, and you took a picture of my house. Its a lovely little town, so glad you liked it , please come back and visit, we have a B&B along the river, and a beautiful bike trail along the river.

  6. Thanks for sharing your photo's
    They look fine by the way !!
    Safe travels to you and your hubby.