Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Big Apple, Sort Of...

Today has been a big day! Mr. Trucker told me yesterday that we would be going to Long Island, NY. Not ever having actually been to New York City area, I did not really realize what that meant. For instance, I did not know that it meant we would be crossing a very high, scary bridge (The Verrazano bridge)

Verrazano Bridge in New York
or that we would be seeing impending signs of New York Cityness, like this:

Stay off the bridge that day, unless you're running...
and  this:

NYC transit
or that we would actually be in Brooklyn, seeing sights like this

Brooklyn, NY street
and this

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

These are apparently what pass
for yards/gardens


Yes, that IS a garbage truck!
It was a really great time of day to be in New York, around 8:00 a.m. There were tons of people on the streets, going to work, walking their kids to school...

Brooklyn street
We began to see even more signs of New York Cityness, clusters of Orthodox Jewish men standing on street corners,

NYC skyline
Everywhere we looked, there were little markets, cafes, bakeries, coffee shops... 

It didn't help that all we'd eaten was an apple and a half can
of V8 apiece at about 4:00 a.m.

Corner market in Brooklyn
We were in Brooklyn to offload only four pallets of butter at a small wholesale grocer located on a street where no semi with a 53 foot trailer had any business trying to navigate. It was very dicey getting in and out of there without knocking over any light poles or flattening any cars. 

On the way back out of Brooklyn en route to our second stop in Jersey City, NJ, I became desperately frantic to score a photo of the Statue of Liberty. So much so, in fact, that I had to settle for this:

Statue of Liberty, much cropped and blown up
Nobody told me that Jersey City is pretty much where the statue is located. We are sitting in the customer's parking lot in Jersey City (and have been sitting here for at least three hours, I might add, and we still have not eaten), looking at the back side of Lady Liberty

Statue of Liberty from Jersey City
So all in all, it has been a very exciting day, one I would not have missed for the world!


This lady had a cart overflowing with cans & bottles

Guy sitting in car directly across street from where we delivered

Busy street

Brooklyn market


  1. Hi Margi, this is Taylor. Mema said i should see your blog and she said it was really cool so of course i had to check it out. It is so cool i totally agree with mema. I love the pictures. It must be quite an adventure. Hope your having a good time. We miss you here.

  2. Tater, we miss you too! But we're having a fun and educational time. Kiss your little brother & sister for us!

  3. With all the tight maneuvers I had to make in the city, lemons were running scared. If you know what I mean.

    Mr. T