Sunday, October 17, 2010

Too much of a good thing?

You'll never guess where we spent the night last night? The Iowa-80 truck stop. It's about the same at night as during the day, only much busier. There were many high school sports teams stopping in there for a quick dinner on the way to/from some game or other.

This place would look right at home on the Vegas Strip

Can't hardly miss that sign

Today was mostly uneventful. By that, I mean that I was pretty unmotivated to rouse myself to take pictures or think of witty commentary. Partly because we are crossing back over territory we've driven several times in the last couple weeks. Also partly, I believe, because it's Sunday, and I just felt sleepy and lethargic. It's supposed to be a day of rest, right? We listened to a couple church sermons on the radio this morning, one was direct from Moody Bible Institute. We're on the I-80 route from Iowa to Ephrata, PA (our stopping place for tonight).

Mr. Trucker rudely awakened me from a nap when he stopped for lunch in Gary, Indiana, and we walked a couple blocks to THIS place

Corner of Burr St & 25th Ave
Gary, Indiana 
Cooking away
It was awesome. For $6.49 we split a combo, which consisted of a drink, fries, and the original Philly Cheesesteak sandwich, which was way bigger than one person could eat, and it was extremely messy! Best Philly Cheesesteak I've ever had, not that I'm any expert, having never actually been to Philly...Anyway, it made a nice change from truckstop diner cuisine.

We did some shopping at WalMart yesterday. WalMart is the truck driver's shopping center of choice, because it's the only place I know of which consistently has plenty of truck parking, and will allow trucks in its parking lot.  We picked up some microwaveable bowls and a microwave pot. We're going to TRY to make more meals in the truck, although the packaged microwave meals aren't necessarily any healthier than what you can eat at Denny's or the Country Pride truckstop diner. They are, however, less expensive. Whenever we do eat out, Mr. Trucker likes to play this little game called: "Let's See If We Can Keep It Under Ten Dollars". He's such a tightwad. It's a good thing that he is, cuz I lean more towards the spending side of life, and we are trying to really sock away a pile. I also bought some Quaker Oats original oatmeal to cook in our new pot. I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning, just so I can try it out.

As we drove east through Indiana this afternoon, I was on the lookout for a billboard we had seen there two weeks ago, so that I could get a picture for the blog. While I was waiting, I spotted this one, always a good reminder

Says it all...
By the time we finally got to the billboard I was waiting for, I had gotten antsy and responded to a text from Sassy, so I pretty nearly missed it. As it is, you may have to zoom in to see what it says

Indiana Coffee and Chocolate to help Numb the pain of Ohio

I spent part of today working on these little items, halloween costumes for two of Sassy's cats (I'm sparing the nursing mama the humiliation of being squeezed into one of these)

Little Candy Corn Halloween costumes for the cats!
I should be able to get these mailed to Sassy tomorrow. I can't wait till I can post pictures of Jasper and Donovan looking thrilled in their costumes. I have enough yarn left to make about 50 more of these, so I'm taking orders...I just don't know how I'll get them to you in time for Halloween.....

Here's my brilliant revelation for the day.  I had this sudden thought and I said to Mr. Trucker: "We have to be saving a fortune on toilet paper!". When there were five of us living at home (three of them women), we went through a TON of toilet paper. A ton, I tell you! Now we're not buying any. One of these days we'll sit down and figure out just how much this is saving us, but not today. Five states in one day has got me all worn out.

Today's silly sounding place name: Cuyahoga, OH.


  1. I'm surprised no one from Ohio has come over and trashed that sign yet......

  2. I was thinking about it!