Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Well...you don't see THAT every day...

It's fun and kind of surreal to wake up in one state and pass through two, three, or sometimes four more in the course of a day. We spent last night in Virginia. I use night in the loosest sense of the word, since we got up at 1:00 a.m. to drive to our drop-off spot in Aberdeen, Maryland. We drove through, kind of on the edge, of Washington, D.C. at about 3:00 a.m. and Mr. Trucker told me to look off to the right for possible sightings of "Pentagony things", but I couldn't see anything. I had better luck looking around as we passed through Baltimore at 4:00.  I saw Camden Yards, which I think is a weird name for a ballfield. I texted my daughter later in the day to see if she knew what Camden Yards is, being a HUGE sports fan and all. She replied..."isn't it a horse race place?". That's kind of what it sounds like, Sassy, but apparently it's where the Baltimore Orioles play.  Ever hear of them?

Maryland is also pretty, but we weren't there long. We were right out of there and on to Pennsylvania today. This life has been good for my geography as well, I had no idea that Pennsylvania borders Maryland. Apparently Pennsylvania borders several states.

And here's something fun and interesting that Mr. Trucker taught me: Did you know that all the even numbered interstates run east and west, and the odd numbered ones run north and south? See, you're a lot smarter already...

My cousin, Terry, from Michigan emailed me about my silly sounding place names. He is of the opinion that Ohio and Indiana have the lock on the most silly sounding names, but I would beg to differ. My home state of Wisconsin has all the weird "Wau" names: Wauwatosa, Waupaca, Waukesha, Wabeno, Waupaca, Wautoma, and then there's MilWAUkee and PeWAUkee...

Mr. Trucker was talking to my brother, Steve, on the phone the other day and happened to ask Steve how the real estate market is in his area in Michigan. Steve said "it's like trying to wipe your ass with a bowling ball". I thought it was a great comment, so I'm including it here, because it's MY blog, and I CAN!

Now, to the title of this post. Here are some oddities from our travels so far:

Goin surfin. That's Cookie Monster driving,
Sponge Bob in the middle, and you can't
tell, but Homer Simpson's on the outside.

This guy needs to change his last name, or
rename his business, for sure!

As I was saying...

Guitars...or snacks? What a choice...
This was in a truck stop/convenience store
in Illinois.

Umm.....I'll have a...PINK one.
This was such a strange sight, at least to me anyway. I might have expected something like this in a truck stop in Nashville, but in Illinois.....??

Mr. Trucker's sandwich. It cracks me up how he nibbles
so evenly. He was upset that that piece of turkey
was hanging out in the picture.

Here's a shot or two of the town where we're spending the night: Mt. Holly Springs, PA.


Today's silly sounding place name: Timonium, MD. 


  1. 1) What about PeWAUkee, Waunakee, Waupun, Wausau, Wautoma, AshWAUbenon, Manitowoc, and, my personal favorite, Oconomowoc.
    2) Mom, you're REALLY funny. I knew you were a good writer, but I didn't know you were this good and this humorous. Keep it up and you'll be better than Marlboro Woman!

  2. Keep your eyes open for Intercourse, Pennsylvania! yes, I already knew that about the interstates and even and odds. Loving the geography lessons.

  3. yeah! what polly said! I think they have a city called Blue Ball(s?) too.