Saturday, October 9, 2010

Random Observations

We tried to watch a DVD in the truck the other night. I had bought it at a truck stop on one of those “buy one, get one free” deals. It was called “The Bridge Of San Luis Rey and I was enticed into buying it by the fact that it appeared to be a period drama (which I love) and starred several big names (Kathy Bates, Robert De Niro, F. Murray Abraham, Gabriel Byrne), but I could tell five minutes into the film that it was senseless and had zero entertainment value. I gave it another 25 minutes or so, because occasionally a film will start out pathetic and then redeem itself. But after about a half hour, I laid down, closed my eyes and fell asleep.
Mr. Trucker is one of those annoying people who is too stubborn to abandon a movie he has invested any time in whatsoever, and refuses to give up on it till the bitter end. As soon as the movie, ended, however, and he was waking me to go to bed (does that make sense?), he said “It never did get any better”. 
In case you’re wondering what else we do with our time out here on the road (besides drive, on Mr. Trucker’s part), today’s your lucky day. I will enlighten you. 
It’s always a big plus when we can park for the night within walking distance of some small, quaint town, like we did last night. When that happens, we go for a walk and see some of the local sights. 
Downtown Waseca, MN

Unfortunately, it’s usually dusk when we start out, and gets dark before we see everything we would like to. On our rambles, we often see things that merit further research (in last night’s case, we were in Morrison, IL, and saw a sign for a covered bridge we would have liked to visit), so it’s handy to have our Macbook and a wireless data plan. We also use the laptop for watching movies, surfing the net and, of course, typing my blog posts.
Here’s another big road project, at least for me, while Mr. Trucker’s driving: I knit  and crochet, so that helps keep me occupied. 

This is going to be a hat, and I may give it to someone for Christmas, so don’t go blabbing it everywhere! 

Most of the time while Mr. Trucker’s driving, however, I just gaze out of the window, enjoying the scenery of places I’ve never been to before and looking for photo opportunities. We spend a lot of time making up jokes and stories involving things we see along the way. We crack ourselves up.  A lot, in fact! 
Yesterday we saw a ton of these. A ton, I tell you!
I don’t know why this fascinated us, but it did. Or at least it fascinated Mr. Trucker.
Here are a couple of shots of downtown Peoria, IL. Who knew it was so big?

Peoria, IL

Peoria, IL

We're finally getting out of the midwest this weekend. Heading to Virginia!

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