Friday, October 15, 2010

The Big Event

Today is the day we stopped at the World's Largest Truck Stop, the Iowa 80 truck stop, in Walcott, IA. The excitement began building as we crossed the Mississippi River into Bettendorf, IA,

Bettendorf, Iowa
on the banks of the Mighty Mississipp
and when we started seeing signs like this one,
Coming up to Iowa 80
and this,
Almost there now
I nearly peed my pants from excitement. This place is hugemongous!

Guess what state we're in
In all, we spent five hours there; doing laundry (me), having maintenance done on the truck (Mr. Trucker), thinking about getting my hair cut but chickening out, looking around, eating lunch in the restaurant and then touring the Truck Museum. The truck stop says it has three floors, but the main floor is actually split level, so that's a little deceptive. There are full-size show trucks INSIDE the facility, for those who like that sort of thing.

This baby is on a revolving floor.
I took this picture from outside

Lovely hand painted mural on trailer

Here's a shot of Mr. Trucker taking our clean laundry back out to the truck

Iowa 80
and here he is wondering how he's going to get his mouth around this burger

They call this burger "The Big Mama"

We also spent some time touring the truck museum before we left and I have a plethora of pictures from there, but I won't bore you with them. It was actually more interesting than I had anticipated, but I know that I still wouldn't want to look at pictures of it, so I'll spare my readers. Instead, I'll close today, as we head west to our date with Warren B. in Omaha, with a much more exciting picture: My grand-cat, Gypsy, with her four brand new kittens. I'm not proud or anything. 

One of them has a striped tail, just like a teeny armadillo!

Today's silly sounding place name: Keokuk, Iowa.

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  1. Congratulations grandma - are there names for the grand cats yet? Are you knitting them any booties? I'll pass your url onto a friend as you requested. I'm loving the Fall colors. Keep up the photos of the colors and quaint villages. I feel like I'm touring the US right along with you. Is Mr. Trucker eating enough - he looks too thin? Love his short hair and beard - and of course love the red hair! Love you sweets. Miss you.