Monday, October 18, 2010

Shower Humor in Ohio

We spent the night near Youngstown, OH last night at a Pilot truckstop, where we showered this morning. Remember me telling you how sometimes they put a wrapped candy or mint on your towel?

I never take these candies.
I'm suspicious of them.
There were three hooks in the shower for hanging things. You know it's a good shower when all three hooks are there and intact, plus there was one on the back of the door. Here are two of the hooks:

Hook #1

Hook #2
Curly's name sticker was missing. Maybe I should have informed the attendant.

After showers and homemade oatmeal, we proceeded to Cranberry Twp, PA to drop our  load.

Made me think of the song "Raspberry Beret" by Prince
When we arrived at the shipper, we both had to use the restroom. THIS, dear readers, is (unfortunately) a typical trucker's restroom at a shipping/receiving facility:

Corner of the bathroom

Door handle

Trust me. There ain't no paper towels in there
or anywhere else in the room, for that matter!
I am not exaggerating when I say this bathroom hasn't been cleaned since the Nixon administration. They might as well just have a pit in the ground outdoors with a big sign that says: "Truckers, IF you feel that you  must  relieve yourself during the three or so hours that we detain you here without giving you a reason, then use this hole. We would PREFER that you just hold it or pee in a bottle in your truck, because we're all so afraid that we'll catch truck driveritis...we'd rather not see you or hear from you. Just stay in your truck, why don't you?"

I had to go for an hour long walk just to clear the sight of the bathroom from my head. I discovered a beautiful subdivision, marred only by the fact that most of the homes contained Pittsburgh Steelers fans. 

Cranberry, PA

Doesn't Martha Stewart live around here?
One of the things I do to lift my spirits out here on the road is to wear bright colored socks. I have several pairs of these in different colors and it tickles me to wear them.

I'm wearing a green shirt with these, so I'm
giving off Packer Green n Gold vibes...
Today's silly sounding place name: Cranberry, PA

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  1. What a disgusting bathroom. I can't believe truckers get such a bad rap with the potty stops. Love the candy corn costumes - can't wait to see the new babies!