Wednesday, October 13, 2010

News from New Joyzey

Started today in Carlise, PA at a halfway decent hour, 4:00 a.m. We watched dawn breaking over the Pennsylvania turnpike, and at 6:54 a.m. central time, I called my dear friend Jackie K. and woke her up (sorry Jackie) at her home in Green Bay to tell her that we were just north of her childhood home of Philly. She was excited to hear from us and told me that the name of her Philadelphia community is Bristol, PA. This shot is for you, Jackie.

Not real clear. Comes from trying to take a picture
while truck going 60 some mph.
We dropped a load of butter in Burlington, NJ and while there, I got to eat my very first meal off a "roach coach". Why do you suppose they call them that? I'm talking about those little mobile chuckwagons that come zooming through the shipping/receiving areas at about 127 mph and if the driver sees truckers, he stops on a dime, throws open the back and side, and sells yummy food. I had stuffed shells with spaghetti sauce and a meatball, and Mr. Trucker had a delectable (mild) Italian sausage on a bun with sauteed onions and green peppers. Mmmmmm...

Then we drove a short while to Monroe Township, NJ to pick up another load of something or other. There's always a scheduled appointment time for any pickup/delivery and you had better not dare be even one minute late, or you will suffer severe punishment (you think I'm kidding, but I'm not), but the shipper/receiver can be as late as they want in getting you loaded/unloaded. You don't ever get an apology, you don't ever get a reason, but what you usually do get is a whole lotta surliness. If you ask what the delay is, you are usually rudely told "we'll get to you". Today, Mr. Trucker went back in after waiting an hour and a half to make sure they hadn't forgotten about him and he was told "we're having a day...". That was it. He finally got a door two hours after his appointment time, then loading took well over an hour. 

What really sucks about all this sitting and waiting is that you don't make ANY money unless the wheels are moving, but the delay counts towards your 14 hour clock, which starts the minute you begin driving in the morning, and once the 14 hours is reached, you MUST stop driving. 

This particular load is going to Omaha, NE and Mr. Trucker is excited because our route will take us on I80 (which runs east and west, if you remember yesterday's post) and we'll stop at the Iowa 80 truck stop, the world's largest. Mr. Trucker says they have 800 parking spaces, a dentist, a barbershop, a beauty salon, and a 300 seat restaurant with a 50 foot long salad bar.

When we get to Omaha, we're thinking about dropping in on Warren Buffet. I'm sure he'll be happy to have us for dinner or something, seeing as how Mr. Trucker owns some shares of Berkshire Hathaway. If Warren's not in, we'll look up his brother, Jimmy.

Recently we've run into a lot more truckers whose wives ride with them. We got in a conversation with one couple yesterday and we were telling them about one of the biggest reasons why we are doing what we're doing. Both Mr. Trucker and I lost a sibling at a fairly young age (my sister, Marcia died from colon cancer at age 55 and Mr. Trucker's sister Diane battled ovarian cancer for 14 years before succumbing at age 41). It really gets you thinking about the brevity of life. So often we put off our dreams until retirement, but what happens if we never live that long?  When I went out with Mr. Trucker for a month in July, before we made the decision to try this together for one year, we saw countless older couples touring the U.S. in their RV's and oftentimes one of them (or both) would be in a wheelchair, or on oxygen. We want to see the U.S. while we're still relatively young and in good health. And...we don't even have to spring for an RV. I've already seen more of this country in the last two weeks than I ever did in the previous 51 years.

Mr. T at White's Truck Stop
Here are a couple of leftover oddities from yesterday:

Self explanatory, I'd say

In Ohio. Free grundy with checking account
Free swirly with a CD

I'm going to ask you a favor, dear readers: If you enjoy my blog, please share the url with others. My goal is a million followers, a book, and a movie deal. I already have Jennifer Aniston pegged to play me and Mr. Trucker figures no one can do him justice like Kirk Cameron. 

Today's silly sounding place name:  Piscataway, NJ.


  1. OK, I will share the URL with someone, but I want a slice of the pie...... like 1/millionth...

  2. OddBod: you can have a part in the movie as the guy behind the window in the shipping/receiving office who says: "We'll get to you..."

  3. We are enjoying your blog, even though you are driving for the competition. Head west once you get to Omaha, we are only 12 hours away. We have plenty of room for visitors. Brandon and Colleen