Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's Only Hair

This morning while we were sitting around the Indy terminal waiting for Chad the dispatcher to get his head out of his hinder, I decided to go for a walk. Mr. Trucker didn't want me to stray very far from the terminal in case a dispatch came in and we had to leave suddenly (which didn't seem likely based on Chad's instructions up to that point). After walking about two blocks, I texted Mr. Trucker and our textersation went something like this:

Me: So, what's the  plan?
Mr. T: There isn't one.
Me: I'm not coming back then.
Mr. T: What do you mean?
Me: I can be to Walgreen's and back by the time Chad gets back to you, and if I'm not going to get a shower, I at least need a new hairbrush.

I got no reply to this, so I kept on walking. I was feeling frustrated and grubby, as I hadn't had a shower in over two days and there are no shower facilities at the Indy terminal. My hair is about shoulder length and curly and wasn't looking or feeling too good this morning, and that was spilling over into my attitude, apparently.

As I neared the intersection where the Walgreens and WalMart were located, I spotted JC Penney and suddenly had a brainstorm:  JC Penney = Hair Salon = Haircut = Just What I Need. So I went in and asked if they had an opening for a walk-in, and they did. I'm gonna give a shout out here to stylist Alison at the JC Penney on Michigan Rd in Indianapolis! She did a great job and clearly really understands how to work with each individual's hair quirkiness. I immediately felt like a 50 pound vulture had been lifted off my shoulders! I spent another hour or more drinking coffee at Denny's and shopping at the Salvation Army Superstore across the road before Mr. Trucker texted me and said "We're leaving".

I walked back to the terminal, fully expecting him to have "the big one" when he saw my hair, but he just shook his head and said "you just couldn't wait, could you?", referring to the fact that I have an appointment scheduled for a haircut back in Green Bay the day before Thanksgiving. I'm glad I didn't wait, though. My mood has been hugely improved all day and this evening when we stopped for a shower near Ft. Wayne, IN, I was in and out of there in no time flat.

Part of the improved mood may be due to the fact that we got a dispatch to take a load to Grand Rapids and then on to Reed City, in my home state of Michigan! And I'm gonna be seeing one, maybe even two, of my three brothers while we're there (the third one is too busy, so he's no longer my favorite). There's just something about home territory and family that is so heartwarming! I've lived in Wisconsin for the past 27 years, but I still get warm fuzzies in Michigan and feel like nothing bad can ever happen to me when I'm there. Or should I say "here', since we just crossed the border about 10 minutes ago.

On the way out of Indiana, we stopped for a shower and met some new friends for dinner in Ft. Wayne (Hi Blake & Kay). They took us to one of their favorite diners (The Liberty Diner) and I had a huge bowl of Greek Lemon Rice soup that was to die for!

Here are a couple of shots of our Exodus from Indianapolis.

Indianapolis skyline. 

On I-69, just north of Indy

Mr. Trucker would like me to set you straight about something I mentioned in an earlier post. We do NOT have 110 volt power to our cooler, it's 12 volt. Like I care!


  1. isn't that the energizer bunny drinking Nestle's? And I am too your favorite brother, there is just no way around it.....

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