Thursday, October 7, 2010

Indian Summer in Indiana

We spent the night at the company's terminal in Indianapolis. We were hoping to get some repairs done, but apparently you have to have an appointment, and we were on the way to a delivery in Granite City, IL, so our time was not our own. We were able to get the reefer worked on (that's trucker jargon for the refrigerated trailer), so we had to uncouple from the reefer and wait on the repair guy. While we were waiting, we fell asleep and ended up sleeping in our clothes on top of the bedding all night. Lovely!

This morning, I decided to go for a walk and stretch my legs a little bit, and guess what I discovered right across the street (it was too dark to see it when we arrived last night)?

Speaks for itself
Goodwill is my very favoritest store, so I was pretty excited and headed right back to the truck to get my debit card. I've never been to a Goodwill Outlet store and wasn't sure what to expect. I'll give it a pass next time, it was just bins full of stuff that you have to dig through. I did manage to find Mr. Trucker four new shirts (well obviously not NEW, but you know what I mean), but since he wasn't with me, I was guessing on the size. He has extraordinarily long arms for such a slender guy, so they ended up being too short, darn it all.

I was totally flummoxed on arrival last night to see this business in Indianapolis:

Grand Traverse Pie Company
I'm originally from Michigan and while growing up we spent summers in the Traverse City, MI area. Also, my brother, Ed, lives there now. The Grand Traverse Pie Company is a Traverse City based business, and I'm curious how they ended up with a branch in Indianapolis, IN of all places. Anyone know the answer to that one?

The remainder of today (after the Goodwill excursion and having a flat tire repaired at the terminal) was spent driving to our destination in Granite City, IL, which is about as far west as you can go on I70 without driving into the Mississippi River (or crossing the bridge to St. Louis, MO). The scenery in Indiana & Illinois along I70 isn't particularly awe inspiring, so I had to resort to oohing and aahing over the foliage.

Somewhere in Indiana
We're clearly having an Indian Summer as it was in the 80's today. Our truck air conditioning doesn't work, so we had the windows open during our drive time. Plus the sun was beating in through the windshield. Now I have a migraine.

Oh, I almost forgot. While in the Indianapolis terminal, I spent some time in the Driver's Lounge. Sometimes truckers can be...well, let's just say interesting people. I think a lot of them are alone too much, so their social skills get rusty. There were two guys in there, watching NYPD Blue on the TV and having a conversation. They were clearly in competition for the "I know more than you do and also my medical condition(s) are way more serious than yours" award.  One of these guys had an IPad, which he was pretty proud of, and I heard him say to the other guy "when I get home, I'm cancelling my Facebook account, because Facebook is so boring. Everyone I know that has anything worth saying is on Twitter."

I couldn't find any really silly sounding place names today so you'll have to settle for:

Brazil, IN.


  1. Please, Please, don't take any lemonade if offered by Mr. Trucker. I think we know how he squeezed those lemons!!

  2. I pray for you continually - will continue to do that. Specifically, will pray for endurance and strength. And a way to fit regular exercise into the routine. There must be a way.......