Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Truck Stop Trivia

We spent last night and most of this morning at a Flying J truck stop  in Austinburg, OH. It was, beyond question, one of the NICEST, cleanest truck stops I've ever seen. Plus, it had a Denny's restaurant, and what with their $2, $4, $6, $8 menu, we almost couldn't eat cheaper in our truck. We showered there last night and I wanted to give you SOMEWHAT of an idea of what a truck stop shower stall looks like:

SOME truck stops even place a
wrapped mint on top of your clean
folded towels. What a hoot!
This particular shower facility had some extra amenities, such as:

Paper bathmat. Did you know more people are killed by
DONKEYS annually than are killed in plane crashes?
and this:

Mr. Trucker left "Carol" a $2 tip. I didn't have any cash on me.
The truck stop itself has a section devoted entirely to Truckers, where the showers are located, and where there is a TV lounge and laundry facilities. This morning we did two loads of laundry while we had breakfast at Denny's, and then watched some alarming news on the TV (I don't really miss TV at all). Outside is a Blockbuster Express doohickey, which is just like the Red Box that's so popular these days. We thought it was a pretty good thing to have handy, since we can watch DVD's on our Macbook, but were too tired to rent one last night after showering and eating a late dinner.

The rest of the truck stop (in between the truckers lounge and the Denny's) is basically a Convenience store, which sells some overpriced items which might catch a truck driver's eye:

You can buy a "down" vest and matching plush animal
I wanted to take more pictures inside (there was some tasteful eye-popping, 3D, holographic framed artwork for sale), but I was getting the stink-eye from the manager, so I refrained.

We are currently driving across Upstate New York (again) in a driving rain, so you won't get any more exterior photos today, except for this one, which reveals our silly-sounding place name of the day:

Silly Sounding Place Name for Today
Cheektowaga, NY


  1. fun, keep up the wonderful blogging. Have you ever seen the website Hulu.com? there are movies there....

  2. I think I'm getting this thing figured out. At least now my name isn't just Mr.