Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Sweet Ride

Yesterday morning we awoke in New York and then spent most of the day in Pennsylvania. I got some beautiful photos and there was mist in the mountains again

Somewhere in Pennsylvania

Somewhere else in Pennsylvania

We were really kicking ourselves for spending so much time at the Ben & Jerry's factory when we saw the sign for the "Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour and Anthracite Museum".  I mean, who would wanna miss THAT?

Just when we figure the fall colors are way past their peak, we get to another area where they are too beautiful for words

Lovely, no?
We were carrying a load of chocolate chips from St. Albans, VT to none other than Hershey, PA.  Now mind you, I've never been to Hershey. I didn't realize it was such a big deal. They even have an amusement park.


Welcome to Hershey. Spelled out with white chocolate chips,
I presume.
Everything in town seems to be chocolate themed

Coca Diner in Hershey, PA
We were told they even pipe the smell of chocolate through the streets. After picking up a load of (you guessed it) candy, we were on to Fredericksburg, Virginia.

This necessitated driving through the Washington, D.C. area, a feat not to be attempted by the faint of heart. The traffic was like nothing I had ever seen, and apparently we missed rush hour! We heard a trucker on the CB say "it can't be any worse than Chicago", but Mr. Trucker would beg to differ. Chicago traffic is bad at certain times, but in DC, it's bad ALL the time! 

When we arrived in Fredericksburg, we were able to meet up with Jimbo, Mr. Trucker's brother-in-law who lives 20 minutes away in Stafford, VA. Jimbo took us out to dinner and it was such a treat to ride in a real car! 

Just a little note of explanation on the choosing of the "Silly Sounding Place Name" of the day. As we see names that strike our fancy on highway signs, I write them down. Then when I write my post, I choose one of them. Some days it's difficult to come up with a name that's suitably silly sounding, but other days, it's difficult choosing just one. There does seem to be a pattern to the name, as noted by Mr. Trucker. The more syllables it has, the better, and the "P" and "K" sounds seem to contribute to the silliness. Mr. Trucker claims that he heard about these attributes of silliness on Seinfeld, or maybe he is just making that up...

Heading off into the mists
Today's Silly Sounding Place Name:  Lake Wallenpaupack, PA.


  1. Beautiful pics. Thanks for posting these.

  2. I'm not exactly sure where I read about words with K and P sounds, it may have been Billie Crystal, (think When Harry Met Sally and saying “pecan pie” with a silly accent). Jerry Seinfeld certainly used it though as I remember he referred to a clipper ship in one of his stand up acts.

    Anyway, it was an exhausting day and it's time for bed.

    Mr. T